Sanding with portable machines and hand tools

KWH Mirka Ltd. is a part of the KWH Group and the biggest manufacturer of coated abrasives in Scandinavia. Through its innovative research and development programme, Mirka has become a specialist in flexible abrasives, aswell as revolutionary, patented abrasiveswhich allow customers to enjoy a truly dust-free surface finishing process. A brief ‘How to’ guide from the company’s ‘Effective Wood Sanding’ guide.

Coarse wood sanding:
When a lot of material needs to be removed, sandpapers ranging from P24-P80 are used and, typically, these products have a thick paper backing. However, there are also special products, such as Coarse Cut, with reinforced paper, or Abranet HD, with a high strength version of Mirka’s unique ‘net’ make the surface even and will be too time consuming. Flexible paper products are well suited to sanding using orbital machines with forced pad rotation (gear driven machines).

Barewood sanding:
P100-P220 are usually used to make the surface smooth and even and also to ensure good adhesion for paint or lacquer. Q.Silver and Abranet are typical products used for these purposes. Sanding with grits that are too fine will not give any advantages, normal paints and lacquers will cover the surface after sanded with grit P180 (even P150). Decreased adhesion, longer sanding time and higher consumption of discs and sanding material are some of the disadvantages of using fine grits.

Intermediate sanding of paint or lacquer:
Using P240-P600 is the typical step to make the surface even prior to final coating. A sanding grit that is too coarse will easily cut through the first coating; while if it is too fine, it will not make the surface even and will be too time consuming. Flexible paper products with stearate are recommended, while Mirka’s Net products are also very well suited for this type of sanding. When you need to manually sand profiles, there are several specialty products available, such as Mirlon Total, Goldflex-Soft and sanding sponges.

Sanding of top coat bolero polishing (P800-P4000):
The initial step is to cut away defects and level-up the surface.
The following steps are only there to remove scratches in order to achieve a high-gloss finish with polishing compounds. Recommended products are those with thin paper backing, net sanding technology or film backing. For example, MirkaAbralon is an excellent choice for this stage.

Featured Products:

Coarse Cut:
A specially reinforced backing material and Mirka’s Progressive Bonddust binding technology, make Coarse Cut ideal for challenging sanding applications.

Features include high stock removal, excellent edge wear resistance, superior grain adhesionand minimal clogging.

Application: Coarse sanding of both soft and hard wood.

Abranet HD:

Abranet HD was specifically developed to achieve outstanding resultson the most challenging applications. It delivers optimum performance and superior stock removal, while its strong construction gives it exceptional resistance to edge wear that allows it to retain its high sanding efficiency for far longer, especially in demanding situations.

Application: General use for high stockremoval with minimal clogging on wood and old paint; an ideal choice where conventional abrasives fail!


Abranet combines high performance and a longer lifespan than traditional abrasives, making it a cost-effective solution in a vast range of applications. It is user-friendly whether being used by machine or by hand and its true dust-free sanding characteristics result in a cleaner work environment,as well as a better surface finish.

Application: Sanding of both soft and hard wood, intermediate sanding of paintand lacquer, sanding of putty and filler.

Mirlon Total:

Developed using Mirka’s innovative Total Coating Technology, Mirlon Total has a flexible structure which makes it ideal for sanding profiles and difficult to reach areas byhand. Thanks to its open structure andTotal Coating Technology it rapidly produces a fine surface finish.

Application: Fine sanding of wood, paint and lacquers by hand.

Q. Silver:

Developed specially to tackle the more demanding surfaces in the wood industry, Q. Silver features extra hardened aluminium oxide grains to produce excellent cut, especially on harder wood types, paints and lacquers. In addition, a stearate coating minimises dust loading and maximises product life span.

Application: For sanding of soft and hard wood, fillers, paints and lacquers by machine or by hand.


With its soft, flexible characteristics, Gold flex-Soft was developed for hand sanding profiled surfaces and irregular, difficult-to reach details. The special stearate coating prevents clogging and the foam base is ‘grip friendly’ and applies pressure evenly to reduce the risk of producing ‘finger marks’ on the surface.

Application: Fine sanding of wood and intermediate sanding of paint and lacquers.


This multifunctional sanding material features a unique, three-layer flexible construction that allows it to create an ultra-fine surface finish on flat and profiled surfaces. The flexible weave construction also makes it suitable for both dry and wet sanding, either by machine or by hand.

Application: Suitable for wet sanding of high gloss paints and lacquers prior to polishing.