MultiMaster: The Magnificently Modular Linear Sander

With brush sanding, straightforward sanding rollers rarely deliver the best possible sanding results. Löwer, therefore, has come up with a range of new sanding units in a modular machine system – the MultiMaster. Now it is mucheasier to find the best possible solution for sandingand denibbing profiled parts. You can choose fromexcentre discs, planetary heads, sanding rollers and contact belts. You select the units that suit your task best. Combine these with the Smart Flexbrush sanding system and you have got yourself a winning team with superb sanding results!

MiniMaster The Simple Solution for Mouldings

If you want to sand simple mouldings, then you should have a look at the Löwer MiniMaster. Competitive in price and high in performance, it comes with 1 to 4 sanding rollers in 150 mm or 300 mm width. One optional feature is the sensor-controlled automatic dipping device which allows the sanding roller to dip down directly over the incoming workpiece edge. MiniMaster comes with benefits like – no sanding through of the primer or breaking of edges and longer abrasive life. Another effective feature (optional) is the feed belt interruption. It allows for a deeper setting of the sanding strip roller. Also there is sufficient pressure for sanding thin pieces – without the abrasives touching the feed belt