Vacuum Dryers: ES – ESC Series

ES Series Large Capacity Dryer

ISVE’s (a leader in wood treatment in Italy and abroad and one of the first companies to have used vacuum technology as an element of innovation to support the processing of wood) ES and ESC series vacuum dryers are conceived for the high-quality treatment of planks and semi-finished products of a wide variety of wood species without any defects. The heating is provided by aluminum heat exchanger plates in order to use water boilers heated by wood waste or by electric heating plates which besides being lighter and thinner are also easily handled by a single operator. In addition, they are easier to service and repair usually even by a general electrician. Electric plates also enable localized heating within the stack achieving energy savings up to 30%. The use of the ‘Airbag-Pressing’ accessory is recommended for better dimensional stability, avoiding the cracks that form at the ends of the pieces. The chamber is made of steel coated with epoxy products or stainless steel. A PLC manages the entire drying process with sensors to monitor the surface and internal temperature and moisture levels of sample pieces.