SCM presents the user-friendly Smart Factory at LIGNA

Cover photo caption: SCM presented the ‘Smart&Human Factory’, its vision of the factory of the future for the furniture industry


A new interaction between man and robot combined with the excellence of SCM technologies. New models for each machining stage of the wood, as well as new software and digital services to meet the needs of Industry 4.0 and Mass Customisation

SCM’s solidity, reliability and innovation capacity found a solid base in the enormous stand of more than 4,000 square meters inside Hall 13, in which SCM presented the ‘Smart&Human Factory’, its vision of the factory of the future for the furniture industry: a system of automated, modular and easily reconfigurable flexible cells, integrated with articulated and collaborative industrial robots and intelligent unmanned shuttles that can be programmed according to the production unit plant, capable of moving and working alongside the operator in complete safety. A new digital and smart factory but one that is still user-friendly, designed to satisfy the challenges of Mass Customisation even more effectively and faster and which goes beyond the traditional automated systems: indeed, the state of the art SCM cells can be put together by clients as they wish to satisfy the vastly varying processing needs.

“Boosted by its experience across the whole range of machinery and production processes, SCM develops solid solutions that are suited to market demands and the new “Smart&Human Factory” is a clear example of this – highlights the SCM Division Manager, Luigi De Vito. In particular, the claim that makes us stand out at Ligna, “You will never work alone” refers to SCM’s strength as a partner for all the companies working in the secondary wood processing industry, over and above being a supplier; an all-round consultant capable of supporting the client along his/her investment and business path, and ensuring they are never on their own. In order to achieve all this, SCM provides clients with its know-how, spanning more than 65 years, in the woodworking industry, to create wholly integral made-to-measure, turnkey solutions”.

Smart&Human Factory
The system presented by SCM at Ligna is only one example of the various configurations that the “Smart&Human Factory” can accommodate on the specifications and various requirements of the individual company, while always deal rapidly with all the orders coming from the market, personalising them according to demand while simultaneously limiting the problems that can arise at logistics level from mass custom production. 500 “batch one” workpieces can be produced on a single shift with two operators, a supervisor and 600 square metres of operating area, although a higher production capacity can be reached – up to 800 workpieces per shift, for example – by changing the machinery’s configurations. And the investment can be done step-by-step in consideration of the market’s evolution.

And that’s not all: SCM’s “Smart&Human Factory” concept can be expanded to create complete furnishings – bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, bedrooms – within the same production unit by using a series of combinations between the shuttle routes and flexible processing cells.

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The Process
Visitors witnessed the production of different cabinet types, through a process that aims to optimise as much as possible the cutting, edgebanding and drilling operations of the panels, as if it were a standard production, in order to reduce rejects, remainders and changes to the machine set-up when changing orders, and it recomposes the orders at the end of the process, moving the customisation process to this phase.

In such a system the operator is relieved of the low-added value repetitive tasks, thanks to the use of industrial anthropomorphic robots and assisted by collaborative robots in the final stages of the process (assembly, inserting the hardware, dispensing the glue and surface finishing) in complete safety and without enclosures. Moreover, the process logistics is made flexible thanks to the use of AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) intelligent autonomous mobile shuttles. The whole system is managed and optimised by the Maestro active watch supervisor software, to monitor the state of each product being machined, from the start to the end of the process. This is integrated with the IoT Maestro connect system that collects and analyses the data from the SCM technologies that ensures, on the one hand, full control of the production flow and, on the other, the implementation of intelligent and predictive maintenance models.

The SCM Group ended the year 2018 with a turnover of more than 700 million Euro, up 15%, of which over 70% in the Wood sector alone, confirming its solid position.

At Ligna 2019, SCM presented more than sixty technological solutions from its ranges, if we also consider the Superfici stand, with important new features with regard to models, devices, options and software. Whether they are integrated into the “Smart&Human Factory” automated process or in stand-alone mode, the aim of the solutions on display is always to meet the most varied demands of a custom and integrated production, to satisfy the demands of a specific company without forgoing the advantages of industrial production.