Shaper Tools

Shaper Origin, the world’s first handheld CNC, transforms the process of design and fabrication


Shaper, a human-involved, robotics company, based out of USA, showcased Origin™ at LIGNA 2019, a handheld CNC (power tool) enabling people to create things in ways not previously possible by way of Augmented Reality (AR). By merging computer vision with real-time corrective motor control, Origin helps keep cuts precise even when you’re not. This compact, powerful tool is as intuitive as it is innovative, letting you immediately start creating with greater ease, control and confidence.

“At Shaper, we imagine a future where humans and robots work together,” said Joe Hebenstreit, Shaper’s CEO. “By combining the intuitiveness of handheld tools with the intelligence of machine automation, Origin makes it simple to turn your creative ideas into high-quality, well-crafted products.”

Origin is the first augmented reality fabrication machine available to consumers. Using a visual marker system called ShaperTape™, Origin creates a map to track its position relative to the workpiece. Origin’s ‘Tool GPS’ detects when you’ve strayed from an intended cutting path and either automatically corrects or prevents error for more precise results.

Unlike traditional handheld powered cutting tools like routers, Origin eliminates the need for physical templates and allows you to design directly on a workpiece. Origin enables cuts similar to large-format CNC routers, but at a fraction of the size and cost and without requiring any prior experience. And unlike other digital fabrication machines such as 3D printers or laser cutters, Origin works with a wide range of materials, is portable, and isn’t limited by print envelope or bed size.

Highlights of Shaper Origin:

  • Auto-correct for Your Hands: Origin enables more precise cuts by automatically correcting or retracting the tool’s cutting bit if the machine strays from the designated cutting path.
  • Create Anywhere, Anytime: Portability meets power in the world’s only hand-held CNC that’s ready to create whenever and wherever.
  • From Idea to Reality: Origin integrates seamlessly with the design software, workflows, and file formats you already use. Users can also select from ShaperHub’s online library of designs or simply design on the fly.
  • More Uses with More Materials: Origin’s robust functionality gives you the ability to cut, build and create with many different materials such as wood, soft metals, plastics and composites.
  • Work at Any Scale: From intricate design work to dining room tables, Origin tackles projects of any size. Unlike traditional CNC machines, there are no bed-size restrictions.
  • Easy to Use: An intuitive, approachable, and user-friendly interface makes it easier and faster for people of all skill levels to create like never before.